Hello! I am Nana Abekah, I am a full time student at Memorial University of Newfoundland. I work as a full-stack software developer as well as a robotics engineer. I love working on challenging projects, as they advance my skills and teach me new ones.

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Web Development

I have built web application with HTML, CSS, React JS, Vue Js. For backend and server-side tools/frameworks, I am experienced with Node JS, Redux, MongoDB, Firebase, PostgreSQL, Heroku....

App Development

I am familiar with developing Android application with Java as well as developing cross-platform applications with React Native and Flutter

Robotics Engineering

I have an obsession with robotics. I have been building robots and competing at robotics championships ever since grade 9. My expertise is in writing autonomous algorithms using sensors and computer vision to create an effective control system

Current Project

The current project I am working on is called FIRESEND.
More coming soon :)